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Raising healthy kids has never been a cakewalk for parents. They
leave no stone unturned to raise their health index and provide
them with disease free life.
The immune system which is made of special cells, proteins,
tissues and organs, defends people against germs and
microorganisms everyday. In most cases, the immune system
does a great job of keeping people healthy and preventing
infections.But sometimes, problems with the immune system
can lead to illness and infection.
Homoeopathy is a system of natural medicine that treats the
total symptom-picture- physical, mental and emotional. By
matching appropriate homoeopathic remedy to the individual
constitution of a person, a homoeopathic remedy can bring
order back to a disordered state and help the body return to its
unique balance.
Homoeopathic medicines play a major role in building a child’s
immunity and enhancing the body system to fight against
adverse situations. These medicines act dramatically and when
given over a long period of them, they act like elixir, acting on
the deepest of systems.
In my clinical practice, I prescribe homeopathic medicines to
children with compromised immunity, after detailed case taking.
The constitutional medicines act in a holistic way and eventually
build up the patient’s immunity.

Along with my prescription, I strongly recommend a healthy diet
intake and intense physical activity. A diet rich in all essential
nutrients, forms a strong foundation of a child’s immense
system. Inclusion of fruits, nuts and green vegetables in our daily
food intake is mandatory to build a shield around to fight
diseases. Hygiene habits play an integral role in building
Here are few remedies, which after detailed case taking, can be
prescribed as Constitutional Medicines ::
1.Calcarea Carb::Well suited to children with fair complexion
who are disposed to grow fat.The perspiration is increased
locally and generally.The patient has tendency to take cold
readily.Great cravings for eggs and indigestible things.The child is
obstinate and averse to exertion.
2.Hepar –Sulph:: Suited to patients with great sensitiveness to all
impressions.There is marked tendency to suppuration.There is
irritation and anger at trifles.Extreme sensitivity cold is well
marked.Craving for sour and strong things.
3.Lycopodium::It is very much indicated in cases who are
physically weak but intellectually keen.The symptoms run from
right to left and are worse bwtween 4 pm – 8pm.Craving for
everything warm.There is fan-like motion of alae nasi.Excessive
hunger and intense craving for sweets.
4.Merc-sol::Sensitivity to extremes of heat and cold is the
prominent feature of this remedy.Foul smelling discharges.Salivary secretions increased.All the symptoms
increased at night, from warmth of bed, cold rainy
weather.Worse during perspiration.Skin is always moist.
5.Nux Vomica::It is suited to thin,irritable and over-sensitive
constitutions.Intolerance to noises,odours, light.Catarrahal
conditions of nose with fluent discharge in daytime and blockes
at night.Nose feels obstructed inspite of watery discharge and
frequent sneezing.worse in warm room.There is great heat
during fever, yet person feels chilly when uncovered.There is
general amelioration in damp, wet weather.
6.Phosphorus:: Adapted to constitutions who are tall, slender,
sensitive to external impressions. Burning in palms, hands is a
leading characteristic. Great weakness and prostration desire for
everything cold like icecream, lemonade. Better after taking cold
7.Psorinum:: It acts in chronic cases, where carefully selected
remedies fail to relieve or permanently cure. The child is playful
all day but restless and troublesome all night. The patient wants
warm clothing even in summers. Body has a filthy smell. Very
hungry all the time. Hungry in the middle of the night.
8.Silicea:: Suited to scrofulous rachitic children with a large head,
open fontanelles and sutures, distended abdomen and slow

walking. The child is cold, chilly, desires plenty of warm clothing,
hates drafts. Hands and feet are cold. Much sweating about the
hands, feet, axilla –which is offensive. Restless and fidgety
behaviour. Obstinate and stubborn children cry when spoken
kindly to.
9.Tuberculinum:: Adapted to light complexioned constitutions,
tall, slim who are active mentally but weak physically. Tendency
to take cold without knowing how or where. Loses flesh while
eating well. The child is of a sweet disposition. Fear of dogs is
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