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Mental health is the need of the hour. Life is moving at a pace faster than our imagination.The new
age methods, devices, social media and above all the race for success has its own pros and cons. On
one hand ,progress graph is going up for individuals who are able to cope up with the pace, to
achieve their goals. On the other hand, there are many amongst us who face a host of hardships in
this journey to outshine and grow in their lives. Depression, Anxiety, Loneliness, Envy are a few
culprits who are ruling our minds without seeking our permission.
Count of patients with the abovesaid mental ailments is on the rise. They look for all sorts of help to
acquire their best companion-Peace.
Here is where Homoeopathy plays an important role. Carefully prescribed homoeopathic remedies,
of course, with a generous session of counselling , surely help in bringing the deranged state of
mind, back to normal.
Depression is the most sought after complaint in patients these days.
In my clinical practice, I use the following remedies for treating Depression. A detailed case-taking is
of course required.
1.Aconite: Great fear, anxiety and worry accompany every ailment.Forebodings and fears.Predicts
that he will die soon. Fears failure. Restlessness. Music is unbearable.Impatience. Vexed at trifles.
Great variation in mood.
2.Aurum-met :Feeling of self-condemnation and utter worthlessness. Profound despondency. A
thorough disgust for life and thoughts of suicide. Sees the dark side of everything. Tendency to pray
3.Ignatia : One of the chief remedies for hysteria.Suited to women who are sensitive,easily
excitable,mild disposition. Effects of grief and worry. Melancholic,sad and tearful. Not
communicative.Sighing and sobbing. After-shocks, recent grief, disappointment.Intolerance of
tobacco. The patient is quarrelsome.

4.Kali Phos : One of the greatest nerve remedies.Weak and tired.Neurasthenia. Mental and physical
depression.Anxiety, nervous , lethargy.Indisposition to meet people. Extreme lassitude. Brain
Fag.Loss of memory.Shyness.Disinclined to work.Starts on being touched ever so lightly or at some
sudden noise.
5.Lycopodium : Melancholy.Afraid to be alone.Little things annoy.Extremely sensitive to external
impressions.Averse to understanding new things.Loss of self-confidence. Constant fear of breaking
down under stress.Cannot read what he writes. Intellectually keen but physically weak. Fault
finding.Intolerance of contradiction.
6.Natrum-Mur: Excessive irritability.Cries from slightest cause. Consolation aggravates.
Nervous.Drops things and break down.Great loss of memory.Ill effects of grief, fright,anger.Tears
with laughter.Wants to be alone to cry.
7.Pulsatilla: Mild, gentle and yielding disposition.Cries easily.Ever changing
symptoms.Timid.Irresolute .Easily discouraged. Dread of the opposite sex.Ailments following grief,
mortification and sorrow.Broods for hours.All the symptoms are better in open air.
8.Sepia : Very indifferent to those she loves most. Irritable.Fear of being alone.Weeps when telling
symptoms. Weak memory.Constant fear of some impending calamity. Breaks into violent bursts of
anger.Discontented about past, present and future
I will conclude myself by highlighting the role of counselling along with most suited homoeopathic
remedy, in patients struggling with mental issues.Soothing words and right advice go a long way in
influencing a patient’s state of mind and bringing him out of his self-made web of problems. A
person with deranged mental health appears normal outside but inside him, is a violent storm of
thoughts, disturbing his peace.
Hence our prescription is complete when we give our 100% by infusing positivity into the patient and
help him to control his thought process.
Boericke’s Materia Medica
Repertory of the Materia Medica-J.T.Kent
A Study on Materia Medica-Dr N.M Choudhuri
Compiled by
Dr.Shalini Babbar


Shalini Babbar

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