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Homoeopathy is a better option than modern medicine The war of medicine never seems to end. With new and rare illnesses being detected every day, it is a constant battle where you want faster results with no signs of ailments at all. Allopathy sure does cure those ailments in record time; however, isn’t it painful when you have them recurring over and over again?Medicine bridges the gap between the disease and the cure. Homeopathy is the branch of medicine that believes that the source of the disease is the cure itself. Allopathy believes the cure is something other than the source that caused it. Homeopathy is treated as pseudoscience or just a placebo that has been successful in curing multiple diseases. However, it still doesn’t earn the same amount of respect that allopathy does, despite the latter not being able to cure major ailments like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, so on and so forth.There are situations in allopathy, where microbes start developing immunity against antibiotics that are rendered for your treatment. However, that hasn’t been the case as far as homeopathy medicines are concerned. Allopathy always focuses on the symptoms alone, and not the holistic challenges that condition can subject a patient to. But, homeopathy takes all elements into consideration before administering a solution to you. As informed consumers, it is our duty to make a choice. Homeopathy is not here to be a runner up in the war of medicine for sure. Despite having all the empirical formulae right and in order, modern medicines seem to have different reactions to different individuals. Moreover, you cannot foretell if there is going to be a side effect for the same. However, as far as homeopathy is concerned, there are no reported cases of side effects that can take your health for a toss. 

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