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There are so many variations in skin diseases. Some are mild and subside by their own, while others can be life threatening. They can be temporary or permanent, they may be painful or painless. Some diseases are environmental, some infections, while others may be genetic. There are wide varieties of skin diseases in which some are true skin diseases while others are caused due do underlying medical conditions like diabetes, lever pathologies, viral infections etc.

It is very difficult to categorise skin diseases but whatever may be the cause, symptoms or severity , you can consult the best skin homeopathic doctor around you, as homeopathy is known to do wonders in skin related ailments. Homeopathy is not only capable of removing the symptoms but also cure it from their root cause. Some common skin diseases and their homeopathic medicines are discussed below-

  1. Acne- Acne is the most common skin problem that might have been faced by everyone during their teenage, but acne can happen at any age. Not only pimples, but blackheads, cysts and nodules also come under this category. Acne are caused due to blocked hair follicles and sebaceous glands. They are common on face but can happen on back and chest also. Some common homeopathic medicines used in acne are- radium brom, kali brom, natrum muriaticum, sulphur, nux vomica, etc


  1. Atopic dermatitis(eczema)- Atopic dermatitis is more common in children but can happen at any age. Atopic dermatitis flares periodically and tends to be a chronic ailment, which requires long term medications to cure. Symptoms include red, dry itchy patches of skin that may be present on hands, ankles, feet, bends of joints, etc. In children it is mostly present on face and scalp. Some common homeopathic medicines useful in this condition are- sulphur, graphites, calcarea carb, lycopodium, sepia, etc.


  1. Hives(urticaria)- Hives are body’s skin reactions to some allergen or to some unknown cause, in which, there is outbreak of raised swollen red/pale bumps or plaques on the skin. They have sudden appearance, with itching and sometimes burning. They can be present anywhere on the body, varying in size from pin point to small disc shaped, if many small ones coalesce together. Hives may persist for many hours but usually subside within a day. Some common homeopathic medicines used are- apis mellifica, rhus tox, sulphur, urtica Irene, etc.


  1. Shingles(herpes zoster)- Herpes is caused by reactivation of varicella zoster virus, which once caused chickenpox in early decades of life of the same person. Shingles cause rashes with shooting pain, which turn into fluid filled blisters. Blisters usually crust and dry out within 7-10 days, but if proper treatment is not taken, serious complications might happen, even after rashes have gone for a long time. Some effective homeopathic medicines are- calendula, natrum mur, rhus tox, apis mellifica, borax, etc.


  1. Psoriasis- This is a chronic skin disease which is cyclic in nature, flaring for a few days or months then subside with frequent remissions. Psoriasis is characterized by red, itchy scaly patches that may occur on knees, elbow, trunk or scalp. Some homeopathic medicines that prove helpful in this condition are- petroleum, arsenic album, graphites, mezereum, etc.

Homeopathy has different approach for different skin diseases, depending upon their cause, type and severity. Genetic, chronic and skin diseases due to some underlying cause may require individualised medicine for every case, while acute, seasonal or less complicated diseases can be treated therapeutically by common medicines. Whatever may be the cause or severity, it is advised to consult the best skin homeopathic doctor from the beginning of the disease so that it may be treated before it becomes chronic and complicated.


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