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Hii am Dr Neha Bhalerao BHMS CGO ,MBA HEATHCARE .

I am homeopathic consultant and doing pure homeopathic practice since last 20 years. Also working as guest professor in JHMC homeopathic college Ahmadnagar.
When patient comes to us we aim at a general level of well-being which supersedes the relief of the complaints which is inevitable. We work towards a better and Healthy living! When the remedies are selected with such minute detail so as to match every individual demand the question of side -effects does not arise. The pills are very potent so as to bring about relief in minutest doses and they can be harmful if misused. But the basic fundamental of the science is so individualizing and so patient- specific .The technique of selecting the appropriate medicine involves a painstaking and intricate procedure where every detail of the entire personality of the patient mental and physical is taken into accoun.The choice of remedy is such that it matches completely mentally and physically to the character of each patient. When such hard work goes into the selection of the remedy how can there be any side effects at all!

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