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Join hands with ‘Avikadoctors’ for better future!!

Welcome to the India’s online homoepathic portal- Avikadoctors. This is India’s first homeopathic online portal in many aspects, and is built with the aim of making the world a happier and healthier place to live in.


Nowadays, due to fast pacing life and modern lifestyle, health is one aspect that is most neglected and left behind. The main reason behind it is the lack of time to take care of one selves and visit clinics physically for their health related problems, making people neglect the warning signs of any disease or health conditions. Considering this scenario, people nowadays are moving more towards online consultation, rather visiting clinics physically. Online consultation saves time from long awaited appointments, long queues outside the clinics, increases the choice of doctors from all over the world and give people choice to consult from anywhere, anytime.


For the people and patients who are really looking out for the best homeopathic doctors, Avikadoctors is the one stop destination for all of them. This online homeopathic portal is not only for the patients, where they can register and avail consultation from the best homeopathic doctors from all over India, it also provides a platform for the homeopathic doctors, where they can register for free, and increase the horizons of their practice.


Doctors can not only register their profile for free, but can also publish their valuable articles, share important information, articles about health and their interesting cases which can also make them popular and benefit the society. Doctors can increase their networks by meeting other homeopathic doctors on the portal, from all over the country. Doctors can also manage their profile by taking feedbacks from their patients, which will boost up the confidence and also make impression on other patients. They can also register their clinic’s address on the website, which will open up the choices for the patients, if they want to visit clinics physically or go for online consultation, this will further increase the scope and reach of the doctors.


Avikadoctors not only provide platform for the doctors and patients to register themselves on the portal, homeopathic pharmacists and doctors running their own pharmacies can also register on the website and add their addresses. The patients can easily find the nearby clinics and homeopathic pharmacies, which will facilitate them to buy medicines in emergencies and won’t let them skip any of their routine medications.


In the scenarios like pandemic, this facility of online consultation can prove to be a boon for the people who seek immediate homeopathic consultation and medication, without physically visiting the clinic. Patients can consult doctor through msging, call or video conferencing, depending upon the ailment and severity. Doctors can provide online prescription, and the patients can easily find the nearby pharmacy on the portal itself.


There are a few tips to utilise Avikadoctors portal at its best, like the doctors should be regularly active on the website by posting the updates, articles, case study or health tips or anything relevant, to reserve their names on the top of the search engine, so that patients seeking online homeopathic treatment will find their names at the top of the list. This can help doctors increase their reach to the patients from all over India, and also widen their horizons. So, register yourself on Avikadoctors and help make this world a more physically and mentally healthier place to live in.