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Terms and Conditions – Avika Doctors

For https://www.avikadoctors.com/ the client’s confidentiality and privacy are of utmost importance. The below-mentioned privacy policy is stated for your use. You can contact us at any given time regarding any queries related to the privacy policy. Avikadoctors secures the liberty to modify this policy at any moment by publishing it to this website, but such modifications will not concern data you received before the practical date of the modification.

When you communicate with us providing the basic information stands mandatory. Information like name, address, phone number, e-mail address. We will be storing your information in the QMS- query management system when you send us a query. In the case of the registered patient, the information store is at our highest secure server. We offer the best and complete security to protect your data and we use completely advanced and contemporary technology to make it safe.


We will never share any of your data or personal information with any 3rd party. However, we may contact you through emails, posts, or newsletters to convey any updates or important information. Also, booking confirmation calls shall be made.


Security of the information provided:


We shall protect, according to the set norms of security and confidentiality. Our employees may require admission to data about you when the information is required or otherwise meet your needs. We may also require entry to data about you when evaluating a request from you for added services or when exerting our rights beneath the law or any contract with you. We may often require admission to new technology for safeguarding information. Our employees are professionals who will always abide by the company's principles.

We will never take any action unless we inform you. We shall only be accountable and actionable decisions shall be taken on information that has been authorized by you to take action upon. Only on agreement shall further proceedings be made.


In case the patient feels violated:

In case we use any patients’ photo for a particular disease or a patch in the scalp or something like that, we will always maintain the patient’s confidential security and not display faces or names until or unless authorized by the patient.

Also in case, you feel any information is violated, you can ask to take the information down from the database entirely. Complying with such request and taking necessary action upon it shall be our foremost duty.

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