Children are the building blocks of our society. Healthy childhood make healthy adults, and parents are the only ones who can ensure that. Modern parents have become very sensitive towards their children’s well-being, and succumb to anxiety on just one sneeze or little pain. They immediately run for doctor to seek advice for their little ones. On every visit physician prescribes so many medicines in various doses, which children are forced to have without understanding how much damage these can cause to their immature and delicate organs.

Modern lifestyle has equally affected children as adults. Junk foods, sedentary lifestyle, reduced outdoor activities, etc have pushed children towards such diseases, which were once only known in grown ups. More to that nowadays parents bring up children in such sophisticated  surroundings that their immunity becomes so weak that they are not able to handle a small amount of dust or little weather changes, and fall ill. We need to provide a more natural and healthy environment for children to grow, so that they develop into healthy human beings.

Talking about natural ways of living, homeopathy stands on the top in the most natural, gentle and safe ways of healing. Homeopathy can be considered a boon for children. It is effective in almost all kinds of paediatric diseases. If homeopathy is considered since beginning of childhood, it can help in building up healthy and strong individuals.

Starting from infancy, medicines like calcarea phos is well known for assisting bones and teeth in their strong development. Homeopathy has very effective medicines for medical conditions during teething. It can not only cure the physical symptoms, but also the irritability that arise in children during this period. Medicines like chamomilla, cina, aethusa, mag carb, etc are common ones that are used for teething troubles. Another medicine by the name of echinacea has proved very efficient in boosting the immunity in children if given from a tender age.

Common diseases like cold, cough, diarrhoea, constipation, sinusitis, tonsillitis, bronchitis etc in children of all ages can be successfully treated with homeopathic medicines like arsenic album, aethusa, bryonia, sambuucus, antim tart, etc. Sometimes even after taking all the necessary precautions, children remain sensitive to change of weather and sudden temperature differences, and frequently fall ill, homeopathy can treat such constitutions and reduce such tendencies in children.

Some medical conditions like nocturnal enuresis, hyperactive disorders, behavioural disorders like ADHD, autism, etc are exclusive to children and are successfully treated by online homeopathy doctor. Homeopathic approach of treatment may be different for different diseases, like in diseases with behaviour disorders, they may require constitutional medicines considering body as a whole and not just symptoms. While on the the other hand in conditions like nocturnal enuresis, worm troubles, etc common medicines like Cina, kreosote, causticum, etc can be given to treat them.

Homeopathic medicines are not only effective in treating diseases in children, but also be given on routine basis to strengthen bone development, assisting in increasing height, boost up immunity, decreasing nutritional deficiency, etc. There are medicines like variolinum, influenzium, etc that can be given to children as a prophylaxis to prevent diseases like chicken pox, flu, and many more.

Though some common homeopathic medicines are well known among masses for some paediatric problems, but self medication is always dangerous and harmful, so it is always advised to consult best homeopathic doctor for children before giving any medications by yourself.

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