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Surgery is a branch of medical science, that involves operative methods of treatment to investigate or treat a medical condition, like injuries, underlying diseases etc. Surgeries may be recommended for many reasons like- to remove a obstruction, further explore the condition for the purpose of diagnosis or prognosis, to take out a tissue for biopsy, redirect vessels, repair or remove the diseased organ, in traumatic accidents, etc. Though every surgery has defined procedures, but all of them do not end well and may lead to casualties due to accidental injury or unstable vitals of the patient. Other than that surgeries have their after complications too, like infections, too much blood loss, reactions to anaesthesia, etc.

Whatever be the consequences, some medical conditions can only be treated by surgeries, but there are many others that can be avoided to reach that stage, or treated by other means. There are so many diseases and medical conditions for which conventional method of homeopathy treatment have no specific medicines and thus they recommend directly for surgery, which may be minor like cataract surgery, dental restorations, etc or major ones like coronary artery bypass, appendectomy, etc.

Nobody likes to go for surgery until it’s mandatory, so the question arises if some surgeries can be avoided, delayed or treated by any other methods? Answer is yes.

Homeopathy is a system of medicine which has got wonderful remedies that can save you from many medical conditions that normally require surgery, for example, if you have stones in kidney, gall bladder or ureter, a conventional medicine doctor will recommend to go for a lithotripsy or open surgery, but homeopathy has been known since ages for removing stones naturally from the body through medicines only. Likewise, chronic sinusitis, polyps, haemorrhoids, varicose veins, tumours of the breast, benign hyperplasia of prostate, fistulas, etc are the diseases which normally come under surgical cases can be well treated with the help of homeopathy clinic.

Moreover, homeopathy is not only capable of avoiding surgeries, but also useful for management of before and after surgery complications, in cases where surgeries are unavoidable. Homeopathy can reduce patient’s anxiety, protect them from going into shock, pain, bleeding, etc. There are medicines that can remove the unpleasant effects of anaesthesia. After regaining consciousness, sometimes there evoke problems like nausea, vomiting, dizziness or headaches which can easily be treated by homeopathic medicines. Long term effects of anaesthesia like memory problems, depression or personality disorders are efficiently treated with homeopathy.

Homeopathic medicines are easy to consume and gentle in effect. The concept of homoeopathy is to arouse the inner natural healing power of the body to get rid of any disease, and not to suppress it. Surgery is a kind of suppression of symptoms and should be avoided if possible. Homeopathy can help you in doing so, and save from both physical and mental trauma.

Patients can consult the homeopathic doctor and go for second opinion in the medical conditions for which surgery is advised. Nowadays patients can even go for online homeopathic consultation and take advice from the best homeopathic doctors from all over the country. All surgical cases cannot be treated by homeopathy doctor, but it can help reduce number of surgeries if trusted and tried.


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