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Feeling of being ugly & unloved cover me wholly or partially i guess; with the advent of facial hairs & laggy fatty deposits on my body on unusual body sites where a female dont have  . Medical reports says it hyperandrogenism sounds not often in my head.

i was poor fatty girl as i felt unaccepted in the society with not getting same attention & love . As the time passing by i felt more mannish , more unbelonged to the society .i consistently fear of being rejected by my colleagues or staring with strange eyes as i m an exotic being.

With the persistance nodding of head & limbs in pillows i came to reach laser reduction centres but DID IT WORK FOR ME ? NO NOT EXACTLY i ended up with lots of after, pre or post anxiety issues . Actually i was looking for complete health solution to my problem which has left me down. Some day i read about Holistic approach of treatment i.e homeopathy  i really influenced by same so i choose to prefer it & tried. After a significant part of conversation i came out with few WHITE PILLS  in my hands & with that same confidence i keep following all the guidelines suggested by my consulting physician . 3 months passed & i realised & reflected with the fact that “ITS NOT THE UGLY OR FATTY LOOK ,ITS ALL ABOUT LOVING YOURSELF AT THE END & STOP BEING TRAUMATISED WITH FACIAL HAIRS & OBSTINATE FATTY DEPOSITS .”





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