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Is Also Known As Kidney Stone /renal Stone / Nephrolithiasis

Renal Stones Are A Common Cause Of Blood In The Urine And Pain In The Abdomen, Flank, Or Groin. The Development Of The Stones Is Related To Decreased Urine Volume Or Increased Excretion Of Stone-forming Components Such As Calcium, Oxalate, Urate, Cystine, Xanthine, And Phosphate. The Stones Form In The Urine Collecting Area  Of The Kidney And May Range In Size From Tiny To Staghorn Stones The Size Of The Renal Pelvis Itself.

The Majority Of Stones Pass Spontaneously Within 48 Hours. However, Some Stones May Depends On The Size Of Stone A 4 Mm Stone Has An 80% Chance Of Passage While A 5 Mm Stone Has A 20% Chance.

Leading Symptoms – » Renal Colic :-  sudden Onset , Located Posteriorly In The Renal Angle Or Anteriorly In The Hypochondrium In Costal Margin Or In Both. It May Be Worse On Movement, Particularly On Climbing Stairs. It Is Described As FIXED RENAL PAIN Or COSTOVERTEBRAL PAIN. Nausea Vomiting Are Common.

» Ureteric Colic :-  when Stone Is Impacted Any Where In The Ureter Results In Very Severe Colicky Pain Radiating To Loin To Groin . It May Also Extend To The Testicles, Vulva & Medial Side Of Thigh.  Associated With Strangury.

» UTI :-  burning Micturition & Increased Frequency Of Micturition May Occur. Pyuria

» Hameturia :-  blood In Urine . Most Common In Calcium Oxalate Stones .

Factors Predisposing To Kidney Stones Include Recent Reduction In Fluid Intake, Increased Exercise With Dehydration, Medications That Cause Hyperuricemia (high Uric Acid) And A History Of Gout.


♦ Lycopodium :- Renal colic, Right Sided. Pain Shooting Across Lower Abdomen From Right To Left. Pain In Back Relieved By Urinating. Urine Slow In Coming, Must Strain. Retension. Polyuria During Night. Red Sand In Urine. Uric Acid Diathesis. Pains Drawing,  Aching < 4-8 Pm.

♦ Sarsaparilla  :- Passage Of Small Calculi Or Gravel, Renal Colic, Stone In The Bladder. Excruciating Pains From Right Kidney Downwards. Severe Almost Unbearable Pain At Conclusion Of Urination. Urine Bloody, Scanty, Slimy, Flaky, Sandy, Copious, Passed Without Sensation, Deposits White Sand. Child Screams Before & While Passing Urine.

♦ Ocimum Can  :- Renal Colic, Right Sided. Uric Acid Diathesis. Red Sand In Urine. High Acidity, Formation Of Spike Crystals Of Uric Acid. Turbid, Thick, Purulent, Bloody, Brick Dust Red Or Yellow Sediment. Odour Of Musk. Pain In Ureters, Cramps In Kidney.

♦ Berberis Vulgaris :- Renal Colic < Left Side. Stitching, Cutting Pain From Left Kidney Following Course Of Ureter Into Bladder & Urethra. Pain In Small Of Back, Very Sensitive To Touch In Renal Region <when Sitting & Lying, From Jar, Fatigue. Numbness, Stiffness & Lameness With Painful Pressure In Renal & Lumbar Regions. Bubbling Sensation In Kidneys.

♦ Lithium Carb. :- Right Sided Renal  Colic . Pain In Right Kidney And Ureter.turbid Urine With Mucus, Red Sand Deposits ,while Urinating Pain In Heart .

♦ Colocynth  :- Pains On Urinating Over Whole Abdomen. Red Hard Crystals. Renal Colic < Left Side. Agonising Pain In Abdomen Causing Patient To Bend Double, With Restlessness, Twisting & Turning To Obtain Relief. > Hard Pressure. Pains < Eating & Drinking > Warm Application. Shooting Pains Like Electric Shocks

♦ Hydrangea  :-  act On Ureter , Left Sided . Sharp Pain In Loin ,esp. Left Sided . Bloody Urine.

♦ Hedeoma  :- Pain Along Ureter ,left Side . Dragging Pain From Kidney To Bladder. Dull,burning Pain Over Left Kidney.

♦ Tabacum :- Renal Colic, Violent Spasmodic Pains Along Ureter, Left Side. With Deathly Nausea & Vomiting. Vomiting Violent, With Cold Sweat, On Least Motion, With Faintness > Open Air. Nausea Incessant As If Seasick > In Fresh Cold Air. Vertigo, Death Like Pallor, On Opening The Eyes.

♦ Pareira Brava :- Left Sided Renal Colic , Pain Going Down To Thighs , Inflammation Of Urethra.


♥ MOTHER TINCTURES :- 1) CRATAVEA Q  Inhibits The Formation Of Urinary Stones, Diuretics

2) PHYLLANTHUS Q :- Stone Breaker, Helps To Eliminate Calculi, Inhibits The Stone Formation .

◊ NOTE:-  Homoeopathic Medicine Should  be Given After Erecting The Seemingly Totality Of Symptoms Or After The Indivisualization Of Patient Which Can Helps Us To Reach  Permanent Cure .

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